The Fizzy Sherbet Podcast is co-hosted by Lily McLeish, Josephine Starte and Tamara von Werthern. Each episode consists of a short play, an interview with the writer, a note from the director on why they chose to direct the piece and a chat with a special guest. Fizzy Sherbet provides a platform for womxn writers and directors and connects creatives from around the globe. 

We are offering creative writing workshops, led by Fizzy Sherbet's Sandra Theresa Buch (Head of Dramatic Writing at DDSKS) and Fizzy Sherbet co-founder Tamara von Werthern (playwright and team member of Nick Hern Books). Our next workshop on the theme of FINDING YOUR VOICE will take place on 20 May 2021, and you can book your ticket here. It's open to female-identifying and non-binary writers based anywhere in the world.



Series 1 Episode 1: LEMONS by Tamara von Werthern

directed by Sandra Theresa Buch, sound Esben Tjalve

Series 1 Episode 2: SWAN SONG by Buhle Ngaba

directed by Ilana Cilliers, sound Ilana Cilliers

Series 1 Episode 3: ...blackbird hour by babirye bukilwa

directed by Anna Girvan, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 4: SPECIAL OCCASIONS by Amy Ng

directed by Lily McLeish, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 5: JELLYFISH BLOOMS by Marie Bjorn

directed by Anna Girvan, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 6: WHITE TUESDAY by Eve Leigh

directed by Lily McLeish, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 7: HORNET by Josephine Starte

directed by Hanna Berrigan, sound Julian Starr


Series 1 Episode 1: director & activist Nastazja Somers talks about Migrants in Theatre & the migrant experience in the uk

Series 1 Episode 2: theatre practitioner Naledi Majola speaks about her work in South Africa & Buhle Ngaba as an artist

Series 1 Episode 3: dramaturg & photographer Myah Jeffers

talks about working with babirye bukilwa at the Royal Court

Series 1 Episode 4: historian Jaclyn Granick adds historical context to the play, focusing on the Jewish diaspora

Series 1 Episode 5: professor of anthropology & author of 'Arts on a Damaged Planet' Heather Anne Swanson on proliferation, extinction & the Jellyfish Blooms phenomenon

Series 1 Episode 6: member of Police Spies Out Of Lives campaign group 'Jessica' on being in a relationship with an undercover police officer aged 19

Series 1 Episode 7: psychotherapist Kate Mills puts the characters from HORNET on her couch