The Fizzy Sherbet Podcast is co-hosted by Lily McLeish, Josephine Starte and Tamara von Werthern. Each episode consists of a short play, an interview with the writer, a note from the director on why they chose to direct the piece and a chat with a special guest. Fizzy Sherbet provides a platform for womxn writers and directors and connects creatives from around the globe. 


Series 1 Episode 1: LEMONS by Tamara von Werthern

directed by Sandra Theresa Buch, sound Esben Tjalve

Series 1 Episode 2: SWAN SONG by Buhle Ngaba

directed by Ilana Cilliers, sound Ilana Cilliers

Series 1 Episode 3: ...blackbird hour by babirye bukilwa

directed by Anna Girvan, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 4: SPECIAL OCCASIONS by Amy Ng

directed by Lily McLeish, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 5: JELLYFISH BLOOMS by Marie Bjorn

directed by Anna Girvan, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 6: WHITE TUESDAY by Eve Leigh

directed by Lily McLeish, sound Julian Starr

Series 1 Episode 7: HORNET by Josephine Starte

directed by Hanna Berrigan, sound Julian Starr


Series 1 Episode 1: director & activist Nastazja Somers talks about Migrants in Theatre & the migrant experience in the uk

Series 1 Episode 2: theatre practitioner Naledi Majola speaks about her work in South Africa & Buhle Ngaba as an artist

Series 1 Episode 3: dramaturg & photographer Myah Jeffers

talks about working with babirye bukilwa at the Royal Court

Series 1 Episode 4: historian Jaclyn Granick adds historical context to the play, focusing on the Jewish diaspora

Series 1 Episode 5: professor of anthropology & author of 'Arts on a Damaged Planet' Heather Anne Swanson on proliferation, extinction & the Jellyfish Blooms phenomenon

Series 1 Episode 6: member of Police Spies Out Of Lives campaign group 'Jessica' on being in a relationship with an undercover police officer aged 19

Series 1 Episode 7: psychotherapist Kate Mills puts the characters from HORNET on her couch

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