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Tamara von Werthern is a British-German writer, primarily for stage and screen. In her debut novel, originally published in German in 2017, she places her eccentric real-life father in the middle of a spoof crime novel and creates a loveable hapless detective figure with a canine sidekick, Maschka. 

Detective Philipp drives a number of battered old cars, chases the woman of his dreams and gets embroiled in dangerous spots in his first adventure. The novel is set in the author's hometown, where her father still lives. It is as much an autobiographical depiction of a father-daughter relationship as a humorous crime novel suitable for young and old.
ISBN 978 095595 114 5                                                                                                £8.99
+ £2 P&P 

ICH GLAUB, ES HACKT! is set in Tamara's home town and stars her father, Philipp as an amateur sleuth. Hofheim is a sleepy little town, it's no Chicago. But when a mysterious blonde appears at his home and asks for his help, things soon start to heat up. 

Philipp is faced with the biggest task of his life to date: can he prove that he's got what it takes to investigate his first case? He sets out in his beat-up MG with his loyal dog Maschka by his side to make the world a better place. 

Written in German.

Article Der Hofheimer Bestseller in Frankfurter Neue Presse

ISBN 978-0-9559511-1-4

£9.99 + £2 p&p

ACH DU LIEBE ZEIT! is the second humorous crime novel set in Tamara's home town Hofheim, featuring her father as an accidental sleuth. It's nearly Christmas in Hofheim, and everyone is making their preparations. But Philipp has other things on his mind. With a lorry crash outside his house, a number of events are set in motion, and things start to get exciting. When his loyal Golden Retriever Maschka goes missing however, Philipp teams up with the attractive local police woman Nadja Bernstein and together they put things to rights again.

Written in German.

Article Privatdetektiv Philipp ermittelt wieder in Hofheimer Zeitung

Article Tamara von Werthern und ihr Krimi-Held in Frankfurter Neue Presse

Mention in Buchcharts - die aktuellen Bestsellerlisten Boersenblatt

ISBN 978-0-9559511-2-1

£10.99 + £2 p&p

ADEL AUF DEM RADEL is the third part of the Philipp-series. It's summer in Hofheim and everyone is enjoying the sun. But dark clouds are gathering overhead: who are the young women found dead near castles and ruins in the area?

Nadja and Philipp are about to begin their investigation, when a young woman from Philipp's social circle suddenly disappears.

They put on their helmets and start searching for her on their motorbikes, with loyal dog Maschka in the sidecar.

But will they be fast enough to prevent another tragedy?

'Spannend und mit treffendem Humor. Philipp ist einfach klasse.'

'Suspenseful and witty, Philipp is simply the best.'

Piers Torday

Written in German.

Read an extract of the novel here.

ISBN 978-0-9559511-3-8

£11.99 + £2 p&p

Tamara is a contributor to Letters to the Earth, the largest creative response to the climate and ecological emergency the world has yet seen. Ultimately a book of hope and an uplifting read, it encompasses 100 letters chosen from over 1000 responses to the call-out, including artist and peace activist Yoko Ono, poet Kate Tempest, actor Mark Rylance, illustrator Jackie Morris, novelist Anna Hope, environmental writer Jay Griffiths and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas. Tamara's contribution is titled Active Hope.

An outpouring of grief, anger, hope, love and loss – a collection of letters penned by many thousands have been distilled into this powerful book. Names like Emma Thompson might act as a lure, but the true strength comes from the broad range of contributors. There are moments of real beauty in these pages.’ BBC Wildlife

Edited by Anna Hope, Jo McInnes & Kay Michael, introduced by Emma Thompson, illustrated by Jackie Morris

HarperCollins £10.00 ISBN 978-0-00837-444-0

Article Local playwright features in new book by global artist-led climate campaign in Hackney Citizen


Tamara's short piece Mothers and Daughters features in the podcast series 100 Voices for 100 Years. You can listen to it here


The book version of this project, titled 100 Voices, edited by Miranda Roszkowski is currently in progress with crowdfunding publishing company Unbound -  to support this and help to bring the book to life, you can pre-order a copy here


100 years after getting the vote, 100 female writers share their story


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